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Is it necessary? ABSOLUTLY! Staging is an investment that pays for itself resulting in higher sale price. 85% of sellers who stage sell their house for 9-25% more. It's also been found that 27% of home buyers will overlook property flaws when a home has been staged.

In -Home Staging

Staging with your own furnishings and we just bring in the decor and accessories. We will box up what causes distractions to potential buyers. We believe that making a great first impression on potential home buyers is critical to selling your home. We simplify and enhance focal points and create appeal so that it will sell quickly and at a maximum price. STARTING AT $350


Partial Stage Package

Staging all KEY areas! Living room, Kitchen and dining room. We will bring in furniture to enhance the beauty of the home along with all the decor and accessories to show off its potential for the next home owner. STARTING AT $800

Full Stage

All KEY areas including Master! Package listed above along with showcasing the master bedroom. PRICE UPON CONSULTATION

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